My Summer as a Turner Fellow

I’m Kendall Robinson and I was given the opportunity this summer to participate in the Turner Fellowship. Firstly, a bit about whose story you’re beginning to read. I’m a rising senior at Franklin Road Academy and I’m largely involved in theater, 4680, and National Honors Society. I also have had and am maintaining a part time job. But most importantly, I’m partnering with Dream Streets this summer to help follow through with their mission statement to “protect and empower those in distress.” Their main focus is to provide support for those in need and help in any way that they can. I’m able to help serve through their food ministry and their summer days camp program, so I’ll be able to help those of all ages and in all walks of life. I’m beyond excited to serve in my community and I can’t wait to get my start with my new team. This fellowship is truly one of the greatest initiatives I’ve ever had the honor to participate in and I’m sure that this summer will provide me with more knowledge, acceptance, and compassion than I can presently imagine.

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